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What Happens To Non-Marital Property In Divorce Proceedings?

Non-marital assets are different than hidden assets or those that are hard to locate. Typically, non-marital property is not divided during a divorce. If there is any question regarding whether certain assets indeed stayed separate, however, the help of an experienced divorce lawyer may be needed to thoroughly investigate and file a claim, if necessary.

I am John Daniels, founding partner at the law firm of Willeke & Daniels. We have offices in Minneapolis and Annandale, and additionally work with high asset divorce clients in Wright County, Buffalo and across central Minnesota.

With more than 35 years of experience as an attorney, I can put my skill and knowledge to work for you, tracing, following and documenting non-marital assets to determine if they stayed separate in the marriage. I will examine both the origin of the property and how it was handled through time. If evidence shows that it was not treated separately, I will file a claim on your behalf to have it included in the division of your marital assets.

A Prenuptial Agreement Can Clarify Non-Marital Property Disputes

Prenuptial agreements often are involved in the investigation of non-marital property. Questions that will come up include questions of the validity and enforceability of the agreement, as well as any limits it poses with regard to property division. If prenuptial agreements exist, they also can impact the property division process if they identify them as non-marital. As your attorney, I can help trace and follow any assets documented in prenuptial or antenuptial agreements. In many cases, if these documents were drafted many years ago, the nature of those assets may have changed.

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