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Establishing A Child Custody Agreement For Your Specific Situation

When a divorce involves children, custody will be one of the most important matters to decide upon. It is important to preserve both present and future parent-child relationships, and ensure that the redefining of parental roles results in what is in the children’s best interests.

My name is John Daniels, and I am a family law attorney with more than 35 years of experience serving communities in Minneapolis, Annandale, Wright County, Buffalo and throughout central Minnesota. I understand what is at stake when making custody arrangements during a divorce. I will examine your unique situation and explain your options so you can redefine parental roles in a way that suits your family’s needs.

Experienced, Compassionate Guidance Through Custody Proceedings

Resolving custody disputes in court benefits neither parents nor children. Rather, such proceedings inflict emotional damage on the entire family. What is said in court can cause further conflict between parents and result in a breakdown of parenting relationships. Additionally, through court custody proceedings, parents are putting highly personal decisions in the hands of a judge who does not know the unique aspects of their situation.

As a seasoned child custody lawyer, I try these types of cases frequently. However, I believe the best option for custody matters is to settle outside of court. This allows parents to keep control of the outcome and to be more empowered to make decisions that will benefit their families. I will guide you through the decision-making process regarding custody in order to find a manageable plan that is best for your children. If needed, I also can guide you through the custody modification process if there has been a significant change in circumstances.

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