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Minnesota’s adoption of same-sex marriage in 2013 changed the legal landscape in the field of family law. For the first time in our state, same-sex couples were granted rights, privileges and protections they had previously been denied. This was, of course, a major step toward making justice under the law a little more just.

Nevertheless, given the recent nature of the same-sex marriage statute, same-sex couples still face a great deal of uncertainty in their family law concerns. There are frequently complications stemming from issues of guardianship and custody, and legal ambiguities surrounding separation and divorce.

I am attorney John Daniels, and for decades I have proudly provided legal counsel to same-sex couples in Minneapolis and Annandale, Wright County and Buffalo, and throughout Minnesota. As a family law lawyer with more than 35 years of experience, I know the pertinent case law, and I know the most common — and the least common — procedural pitfalls. With offices in Minneapolis and Annandale, I work closely with my clients, involving them in every step of the process as we endeavor to achieve their legal goals.

When Same-Sex Family Law Gets Complicated

The most common complexities arise when a same-sex marriage or partnership is breaking down. If there are children involved, matters can become particularly complicated. When working with parents, my priority is always to ensure that the child’s most important relationships are preserved. I aim to resolve custody disputes as amicably as possible, and will work to ensure that non-custodial and non-biological parents retain their connections to the child when appropriate.

Drawing on my decades of experience in facilitating divorces, I also assist same-sex couples in logistical matters resulting from the end of a relationship. Namely, I offer knowledgeable guidance in asset valuation, asset division, spousal maintenance and issues of non-marital property, among other considerations.

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